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Synthetic Rubber


Halo Butyl Rubber (BIIR, CIIR)

ExxonMobil (USA, Canada and France), Lanxess (Europe), JSR Exxon (Japan)

Styrene Butadiene Rubber

(SBR 1500, 1502, 1705, 1712, 1723, 1778, 1783)

Zeon (Japan), JSR(Japan), BSTE(Taiwan), Dow(Europe), Voronezh (Russia), Lion Co Polymer (USA), Togliatti (Russia)

Poly Butadiene Rubber (PBR 1220) Nizhnekamsk (Russia), Zeon (Japan), Dow(Europe)

Isoprene Rubber

Zeon (Japan)


Sumitomo (Japan), DOW NORDEL IP(USA), ExxonMobil (USA)


Zeon (Japan)

Natural Rubber SMR


SKD LI - PCU Nizhnekamsk (Russia)

Exxon Butyl Rubber

ExxonMobil (USA, Canada and France)

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